Maintenance and service

We offer a fast and reliable service and maintenance of prefabricated buildings during the warranty period, as well as after its termination. We will also carry out overall maintenance to ensure the good condition of the building and prolong its lifetime.

The roof should be inspected at least once a year and check for any deficiencies that might eventually lead to serious damage.
The inspection of the drainage system is also recommended: flow of valleys, gutters and drains. Leaves or foreign matter may prevent efficient drainage, which can lead to water penetration into the buildings. This can be prevented by regular inspection, which can lead to the avoidance of serious damage arising from such penetration.
It is important to verify the fixing and tightness of roof panels and other elements.

During inspection, our service personnel may remedy damage incurred during use and thus contribute to a orderly and maintained exterior of the building throughout its lifetime. For further information you can contact us by telephone +386 (0) 7 39 33 400 or fill out our contact form.