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About the product

There is a wide variety of rainscreen and rear-ventilated facade systems on the market, however they differ by the type of the cladding, substructures, and different mounting methods. The key feature of these facades is the ventilation channel between the insulation layer and the facade cladding that allows for air exchange. That means that the facade allows for the ventilation of the building, which means an advantage over other solutions from the viewpoint of insulation as well as living comfort.

The ArtDesign product is entirely a result of our own know-how. It provides a comprehensive solution encompassing planning, design, and manufacture of all structural and building envelope elements from our own production. Of course we can also provide the installation by request.

Beside the basic advantages of rear-ventilated facades, the key features of ArtDesign facades are also the adaptability to the customer’s and design requirements, tongue-and-groove installation with no bolted connections, high prefabrication degree, providing a fast an accurate execution, as well as a long service life.

System structure schematic

Steel mounting bracket
Steel mounting bracket.
Thermal insulation with glass fleece and skirting
Thermal insulation with glass fleece and skirting.
Facade panels made of galvanized coloured tin
Facade panels made of galvanized coloured tin.
Finished façade
Finished façade.

Schematic of the execution details of a rear-ventilated façade

Wall vertical cross-section
Wall vertical cross-section
Horizontal wall cross-section
Horizontal wall cross-section with standard window skirting and standard corner finish
Vertikalni prerez zaključka atike / Vertikalni prerez fasada-strop
Façade-ceiling cross-section
Cross-section of the end portion of the parapet wall


  1. Wall of the structure.
  2. Steel mounting bracket.
  3. Thermal insulation with glass fleece.
  4. Substructure.
  5. Façade panels.

Schematic of tin sheet cutting width

Panel dimensions 1,250×3,200mm, thickness 1.00mm
Panel width = 400mm, maximum length 3,000mm
Razrez 1

Panel dimensions 1,250×6,200mm, thickness 1.00mm
Panel width = 200mm, maximum length 6,000mm
Razrez 2

Panel dimensions 1,250×6,200mm, thickness 1.25mm
Panel width = 400mm, maximum length 6,000mm
Razrez 3

Panel dimensions 1,250×6,200mm, thickness 1.50mm
Panel width = 1,000mm, maximum length 4,000mm
Razrez 4